Party Fashion Tips by Andy

Parties are all about fun and fashion but sometimes you are just confused about the perfect look you need. Don’t worry, I am here with to give you fashion tips for parties. Following are the essential points you need to keep in mind while going for a party:

= For Girls
1) Shape Wear
2) Heels
3) Accessories
4) Hairstyle

= For Boys
1) Clean Clothes
2) Tummy Tuckers
3) Keep it Simple
4) Simple Hair

Watch the video and get all eyes on you in parties.

With my new show “Style Code”, I, Andy will teach you everything about Fashion. So, learn the new definition of Fashion by leafing through my book.

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Style Tips from Fashion Stylist Phillip Bloch,phillip-bloch/navigate.jsp
A blue chalcedony and cultured pearl necklace has a vintage, light, elegant, and ethereal look. Wear it with a chiffon floral dress or silver satin or gray evening dress.

For a Beyonce look, put two hoop earrings together. Don’t be afraid to mix silver and gold.

A bold jewelry choice can changes with your outfit. During the day, big quartz earrings make a simple white t-shirt look elegant. By evening, the earrings pop even more with a black dress or gray cashmere top.

4 Ways to Wear A Tassel Necklace: Wear it long and easy in the front. Wear it as a choker with the tassel in the back. This look is great to show off with a low back top. Show off the tassel necklace as a belt with the tassel on the side. Or wrap the tassel necklace as a bracelet. Talk about a versatile jewelry piece! When you wear the tassel necklace as a bracelet or belt, add a multi-strand pearl neckace.

For a high impact look stack sterling silver bangles and wear a big cocktail ring. You don’t need a cocktail party to wear a cocktail ring. This look could work for the office or evening. Your friends will ask “”Where did you get that?!?

Don’t feel like always wearing you engagement and wedding ring on your finger? Add the ring to a beaded necklace for a fun look.

A pearl and gemstone bracelet paired with multi-strand pearl necklace has a Liz Taylor look.

A lion knocker bracelet look says, “”I’m cool & I’m hip””. Animal jewelry has become very popular.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Wear a chunky baroque pearl necklace paired with a free form baroque pearl ring.

About Phillip Bloch:
Widely considered to be Hollywood’s premier fashion stylist, Phillip Bloch has arguably become one of the world’s most iconic fashion figures, playing the role of style ambassador at Fashion Weeks everywhere. Phillip is a fashion force like no other in Hollywood.

6 Flying Style Tips | Practical Flying Fashion Advice For Guys

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of and, goes over 6 flying style tips to ensure next time you hit the sky you are flying high and looking great. These are 6 practical fashion tips for flying. What to wear on a plane and how to dress for a trip or vacation. What to wear to the airport as well as how to dress to maximize comfort, function and of course style.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. offers six tips about how to fly in style. He has read a ton of posts about how to travel in style on male style blogs. Majority of the advice is crap and not practical like suggesting to wear a blue blazer and fedora. The advice given here is found useful by Alpha. It boils down to why you’re traveling. Alpha is separating travel between personal and travel.
Practical Style Tips When Flying

1. Shoes – casual travel wear mocs, boat shoes, fashion sneakers; business travel wear slip on loafers, brogues, monk straps. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and broken-in.

2. Socks – wear stylish, clean socks for both casual and professional dress. They are a great way to slip your shoes off and hang-out in your socks (versus the ratty, stinky looking gym socks)

3. Dress in layers – layer a tee shirt, zip up hoodie or button up cardigan, and light weight jacket. Wear an undershirt with your dress shirt. Remove layers at you need.

4. Wear a jacket with pockets for passes, phone, keys, and more to avoid digging through a bag. If you are wearing a suit jacket or sport coat and you don’t want it wrinkled, grab a flight attendant and ask if she / he will hang your jacket / coat for you. You can also clip a carabiner to tray table (see article link above).

5. Pack your sunglasses in your case in your bag – on your head stretches out the glasses and greases up the lenses. You can also lose them if not secured.

6. Pants – dark wash, great fitting jeans which can be dressed up with shoes, for casual wear. Wear 100% wool for professional not synthetic or linen.

Pro Fashion PhotographyTips – RC Rivera RC Rivera is a very talented San Francisco fashion and advertising photographer. He shares his tips for preparing for a shoot, selection of lenses, simple lighting tips and even the secret for procuring models. He gives practical and immediately usable tools that you can put right to use. Take a look inside the glamorous world of fashion photography.

A Silber Studios Production

0:00 – Introduction
0:34 – RC’s Style of Photography
0:54 – Key Points RC Prepares for a Shoot
2:37 – Lighting Tips
3:11 – Manipulating the Mood
3:51 – More Lighting Tips
4:28 – Final Tips & Advice


Aimee Song Talks Fashion and Future Project Plus Fashion Blog Photo Tips

Aimee Song Talks Fashion and Future Project Plus Fashion Blog Photo Tips

How To Thrift – Tips and Tricks! (+small fashion haul)

Just sharing some basic tips and tricks when it comes to thrifting, plus a small haul from Goodwill (skip to 4:28 for the haul). Hope you found this useful! ^w^

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Korean Summer Fashion Trends 2015 | Wendy’s Style Tips

Wendy’s back with a summer fashion trend report! She will be talking about different hair, clothing, and accessories that are trending in Korea for Summer 2015!

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Sam Smith: Fashion Tips

Sam Smith shares his style tips with 4Music.

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