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10 Teachers Behaving Badly

Top 10 of the worst teachers doing bad things to their students and classroom.
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For most of our childhood and adolescent years, we spend a great deal of time being instructed by teachers. Years of schooling expose all of us to dozens of teachers and professors who have the task of giving us a variety of skills and preparing us to enter the world. For many of us, school and the teachers who work there provide a good experience which gives us valuable life skills and helps create friendships which can last a lifetime. For others, it’s a time to forget, a place where you learn that certain subjects are brutally hard and some teachers are very difficult to work with.
Taking on a career as a teacher can be a challenging and, at times, largely thankless job. Spending hours a day trying to coral hyper and moody kids can be like trying to herd cats. If you are successful one day then you have to repeat the process all over again the following day. The job doesn’t stop once the work day ends either. Teachers always have to spend considerable time at home marking and preparing for the coming days. When you do a good job teaching, you rarely get any accolades because that’s what people expect. Look out if you do a bad job however. Frustrated parents and angry kids love using teachers as scapegoats for their own shortcomings.
Sometimes, however, the teacher really is at fault. Like any profession, there are always bad people who are employed. Sometimes, the teacher is so bad at what they do or they have done something so terrible that the teacher in question should probably think about finding another job. These types of teachers are classified as ‘bad’ for a variety of reasons. Some are just in it for the paycheck – they could care less about whether your kid learns anything. Others have burned out and lost the drive they had when they started teaching. Still other teachers go above and beyond to act inappropriately and do things in the workplace that would make your jaw drop. These are the teachers that make the actual headlines because what they have done is so over the line that they can’t even see the line anymore.
The following video looks at 10 of the worst teachers ever. This list goes beyond that homeroom teacher who assigned extra homework over the weekend or made you stay behind after class because you didn’t do your work. Instead, what you’ll find ahead are teachers that are so bad they get fired, deserve to get fired or have even been put in jail for what they did in the classroom. From abusing students to coming to class drunk, there’s even a teacher who hired a goon squad to teach one of her students a lesson. It’s almost insane enough to make you forget that most teachers are sane and decent people.

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6 Fashion Emergencies & Solutions

We’ve all had those pesky fashion emergencies. Today I bring to you some helpful tips and solutions. Join the unicorn family by subscribing to my channel!

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Episode 3- Shopping For Bridesmaids Dresses (part 1)

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In this episode you will meet one of my bridesmaids, Sara Sohn, as we search for the perfect dress for all of my bridesmaids to wear on the big day! A bridal boutique in Orange County, Mary Me Bridal, shared with us some amazing tips & pointers in finding that perfect dress for my girlfriends! Join us as we search for “The One” ENJOY :)

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How to draw fashion sketches

Observe the 3 stages I described on my blog: axes, primary shapes, connections between the shapes.
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Learn how to draw fashion sketches in 3 steps_part 1

Learn how to draw fashion sketches in 3 steps_part 2

Learn how to draw fashion sketches in 3 steps_part 3

How to draw the human body in 3 stages

Tips on how to find human poses

Learn how to draw fashion poses



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結婚式・新婦「ウエディングドレス」折り紙Marriage ceremony”Wedding dress” origami

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Plaid Party! How To Wear Plaid Part I | Fashion, Outfit Ideas, + Styling Tips | Teni Panosian

I know a lot of you loved the style challenge videos I did, so I’ve got two more coming your way brought to you by Target! In this video, I’m styling two looks using plaid… Hope you love!! Give it a thumbs up if you enjoy it :)
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♥ How To Style Plaid ♥
Outfit 1
Black and white Merona plaid shirt
Urban Outfitters black denim cutoffs
Jeffrey Campbell Boone booties
Mackage bag
Hawkers sunglasses

Outfit 2
Zara tank top
Urban Outfitters black denim cutoffs
Red Merona plaid shirt
Sam Edelman over-the-knee boots
Ray Ban sunglasses

FTC: Obviously, sponsored by Target. :) My task was to choose plaid items from Target to use in this video, so the items I used were the ones I chose on my own.

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While my strength lies in beauty and makeup you’ll also find a sprinkle of fashion and lifestyle on my channel! Like beauty, I also have a passion for fashion and a flare for style. So I hope you enjoy my collection of personal style videos, lookbooks, and cute outfit ideas. Delve into my styling tips with my target style videos like how to style plaid, style Challenges, with Mr. Kate and HeyKali, and how to remix your closet. Check out my music festival style, travel lookbooks, and what to wear videos for some great fashion tips and style trends.

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Three Days to the Wedding… and No Dress!

A bride-to-be has cold feet…about her wedding dress! With the event three days away, the clock is ticking.

From: L.A. FROCK STARS: Quest for That Special Dress

12 Quick & Simple Hairstyles


Hey guys!!! Here are some quick and simple hairstyles… very simple and easy to follow! Enjoy!

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BeautifyMeeh!!!!!!!! A place for makeup tutorials, fashion tips, hairstyle tips, korean fashion, korean celebrity makeup, etc =)

Pakistani Bridal Dresses, Jewelry and Casual Clothes

ok so since the time i uploaded the othe video about pakistani bridal dresses and clothes and etc… ppl have been liking them, and i have been getting a lot of positive feed back so i decided to make another video about Pakistani Clothes. These clothes are traditional, yet very in stlye and modern :D and very pretty ofcourse i got all the pix from google and i hope u guys like the video 8D